Circuit during spraying (no return)

1 Main tank
2 Clean water tank
3 Suction valve
4 Suction filter
5 Pump 11 Air tank
6 Pressure valve
7 Pressure regulator
8 Flow meter
9 Main valve
10 Section valves (air) 

Circuit during non-spraying (circulation)

The semi-continuous circulation system ensures a smooth & rapid start without wasting time and chemicals. Even when you’re not spraying, there’s circulation in the spraylines: the chemicals go from the tops of the spray boom to the central part and back into the tank. Thanks to this circulation, liquids stay in the spraylines at all times. There are no depositions of chemicals, so there are fewer clogged nozzles. The circulation also ensures that pressure is built up very quickly, so you can start spraying immediately after opening the main valve. The pneumatic nozzle control with individual air tubes to each individual cap ensures immediate start and stop of the spraying and prevents the nozzles from dripping, even with more pressure and volume of the circulation loop. When spraying, the spray lines are fed to the four sides, twice at the tops and twice in the middle. There is no return to the tank during spraying. This ensures that there are no unnecessary chemicals going through the spray lines.

System Advantages:
• Quick start after changing chemicals.
• No wasting time on the headlands due to waiting until the liquids have reached the nozzles.
• Hardly any obstructed nozzles, even with lower dosages.
• No dripping of the nozzles.
• No deposits of chemicals in the conduits.
• Easy rinsing of the machine.
• Saves chemicals, time and money.
• Protects the environment.

Tank with overpressure protection (photo)


Air valve per spray cap (photo)


Compressor behind pump (photo)


 TOP-Control: automatic exit (cap per cap)

  • With TOP-Control it is possible to automatically close the cap per cap instead of per section, this is done completely automatically with the aid of GPS.
  • An air valve is provided for each nozzle holder.
  • No more overlap, maximum precision!
  • You can manually switch section per section on and off manually.
  • Incl. system air-sealable caps with ring line (compressor included).
  • The machine must be equipped with ISOBUS.