To develop a fully automatic machine to clean the sprayer completely and perfectly.
Desired objectives:
• To save time (6 to 7 min).
• To prevent contamination by previously used products.
• To reduce the risk of environmental pollution, particularly local.
• To build more confidence concerning the cleaning by the previous user with shared use of the sprayer.


The total cleaning procedure consists of a series of full cycles during which the main tank, hoses and caps are systematically
being cleaned to a lower level of pollution. You get the results due to an automatic combination of different phases of suction,
cleaning and spraying.

• Position of the feed (return to filter, more mixing) automatic at 50 liter (programmable)
• Supply of clean water
• Distribution of clean water through rotating injectors
• Cleaning of the spray boom through continuous circulation with return to the tank
• Complete draining of the tank by spraying
• Spraying with semi-continuous circulation by alternating sections

The duration of each phase is carefully calculated to have an ideal result. This system gives us the opportunity to have a cleaning of only the spray boom. This seems the best solution if the tank isn’t empty yet and the spraying has to be interrupted.

• ISOBUS-computer MAXI III from Müller
• TANK-control III from Müller (BUS-CAN-meter with 30 benchmarks)
• Double control (menu on the screen in the cabin + color display on the filling station)
• Semi-continue circulation of the air-lockable caps
• Automatic filling of the main tank by manual programming (2 limits) or automatic calculation (Ha, L/ Ha% and repeat)