The automatic steering makes precision work possible, even with poor visibility or bad weather circumstances, by avoiding overlaps or shortages. The automatic steering can be assembled on all touch screens. It unburdens the driver of a mostly exhausting task.

eSteer 6

  • Automatic steering eSteer
    with motor on steering wheel
    Automatic steering eSteer enables automatic steering at a low price. The steering motor is a simple retrofit solution, which can be used independantly of the fabrication. The steering wheel motor is fitted to the exsiting steering wheel and can be easily moved. This compact electrical motor controls the steering wheel directly.

    eSteer 1
  • Automatic steering
    with hydraulic block
    Automatic steering with built-in hydraulic bloc is the most precise automatic steering. The system commands directly the hydraulic steering of the machine, so it can be held in the working paths correctly. This system is ideal for machines that don’t have pre-equipped automatic steering and need to do mainly repetitive work.
    eSteer 2
  • Automatic steering ISO
    with pre-equipped hydraulic block
    Automatic steering ISO is a system for precise hydraulic steering for machines that are already equipped with a hydraulic block for automatic steering. It siffices to attach the steering computer to the terminal of the tractor. The combination of the components occurs through ISOBUS. This allows to assemble to system in no time.
    eSteer 3
    eSteer 4
    eSteer 5