The TRACK-Guide II and the TRACK-Guide III are convenient systems which help you with any type of field. You can save the outlines of the field and enter the driving paths and obstacles. You can give a name to the different fields and machines you use. The process can be interrupted at any time and subsequently saved, so you can continue where you left off next time. The machine is displayed in the main screen with a line and an arrow. In the top part of the screen you can choose to display the sections, the machine or the lightbar. When displaying the sections, you can see when to close a section (red) or open (blue). This is the SECTION-View function. The processed and unprocessed land is clearly visible. Try this GPS and you will be surprised by its efficacy and its ease of use. The option headland management is free to use for 50 hours. It allows you to treat the headland seperately. You can adjust the track yourself.

TG II en III info

More than a guiding system!
The TRACK-Guide III is a guiding system of the last generation, equipped with an 8” touch screen, which guarantees a clear overview with a great ease of use. You can switch from “Lightbar”-modus to “Section-View”-modus with one simple swipe on the screen. The TRACK-Guide III can be extended with several options. You can equip it with automatic steering or transform it to an ISOBUS-terminal with multiple functions and SECTIONControl.


In combination with the TRACK-Guide II or III, the SECTIONControl box makes it possible to equip agricultural sprayers that already have SPRAY-Control S with an automatic closure through GPS. You can easily add this extension later through the “plug-and-play” principle. You attach the SECTION-Control Box between your control box and the TRACK-Guide, you supply a power cable and done! You continue to regulate the hydraulic functions through the existing control box. With the SECTION-Control Box and the TRACK-Guide II or III, you also have many expansion possibilities, which guarantee that you will have a machine that remains up-to-date in the future.