Suspension of the spray boom


The suspension of the boom is obtained by the following points:

  1. The boom is suspended by 1 central point. This point rests on a curved conduction, which makes the boom return to the same center point each time.
  2. Due to the trapezium suspension, the spray boom can also move lateral, which guarantees that shocks won't cause oscillation. The spray boom stays horizontal and will make gentle, lateral movements.
  3. On the central point rests sliding bar, guided by Ertalon rolls. By controlling the cylinder, the center of gravity of the spray boom can be moved, which allows the spray boom to tilt to both sides, without blocking.


  1. During wagging, the spray boom hinges on 1 point.
  2. Both with parallelogram-suspension as with mast-suspension, silentblocs were placed between the chassis and the spray boom to prevent wagging.
  3. Due to the absorbtion of the silentblocs, the shocks of the tractor aren't passed on to the spray boom, which results in a very stable spray boom.

The guiding of the moving parts is done by means of Ertalon rolls. This is a strong and durable material which doesn't damage the spray boom.


Locking of the spray boom

  • Between the 1st and 2nd segment and the top end, there are locking hooks.
  • These locking hooks prevent that the forces of sway movements don't influence the hydraulic cylinders, so they won't break.
  • The locking hooks click into full RVS-axles which are excentric. If after some time some wear would occur, these axes can be adjusted, so the boom remains tight always.
  • The locking hooks are hydraulically controlled, as well as the opening and closing of the spray boom.
  • The locking hooks are equipped with grease nipples, like all other hinge points.


Hinge Points

All hinge points consist of full RVS-axes, containing sintered bronze hinges and equipped by easy to reach grease nipples.


Insertion tubes

The spray boom stays straight due to insertion tubes.

  • The insertion tubes connect the 2nd segment to the right with the 2nd segment to the left of the spray boom.
  • When swaying, the forces are evently distributed on the entire spray boom which keeps the spray boom straight.
  • The insertions tubes are designed so that the spray boom doesn't break due to large forces, instead they bend.
  • After years of intensive use, the spray boom stays straight because there are several points where the spray boom can be adjusted.

The shocks are absorbed in the central part due to the qualitative silentblocs made out of natural rubber.


Beyne spray booms

Spray booms without insertion tubes or locking hooks

Aluminium - steel spray boom (36 - 39 / 40 - 42 - 45 m)

The spray booms with working width from 36 m are made partly out of aluminium.

The central part and the 1st segment left and right are made out of high-grade steel and the top ends are made out of special aluminium profiles.

This creates an ideal combination of strength at the beginning of the spray boom (where most of the torsion appears) and the outer ends (which is much lighter but still strong).

Due to the combination of high-grade steel and our specially depelloped aluminium spray boom, we can offer a very sturdy spray boom with a limited weight.

All aluminium parts receive the same paint treatment as the rest of the spray boom.