TRACK FOLLOWING: proportional steering, wheel steering, drawbar

Drawbar on PLK en COBRA (upper assembly)

  • The models PLK and COBRA are equipped with tiller steering, which works both in automatic as manual modus as well as with automatic zeroing.
  • These models remain compact thanks to the drawbar.
  • The pivot of the sprayer is located exactly in the middle between the tractor’s rear axle and the rear of the sprayer, which guarantees correct track following.
  • The drawbar is adjustable in length and height to fit on any tractor.
  • The articulation joint is equipped with bronze bushings for long life.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders are used for optimal results.
  • The position is determined by a potentiometer and two sensors.

knikdissel 1

knikdissel 2

knikdissel 3

knikdissel 4

Proportional steering (only with ISOBUS 2 / ISOBUS 3)

  • With proportional steering, it’s the ISOBUS-computer which controls the hydraulic system. In combination with a proportional valve, a highly accurate track following can be obtained.
  • This steering also takes into account the different turning gearsat all times, which results in a quiet, “less aggressive” track following.
  • A gyroscope measures the position of the tractor relative to the sprayer, and gives a signal when and how to steer.
  • Proportional steering is an option with PLK and COBRA and only in combination with ISOBUS 2 / ISOBUS 3.
  • The steering of the PYTHON is standard already proportionally.

Proportionele sturing

Wheel steering (optional with Python)

  • The model Python can be equipped with wheel steering and can be controlled both manually as automatically, as well as with automatic zeroing.
  • The steering is operated by means a gyroscope (electronic compass). This allows for a correct track following.
  • This control system is proportional and thus acts in function of the turning speed of the tractor.
  • With wheel steering the spray boom stays calmer during steering.
  • The steering axle has been adapted especially to be able to turn real short. Track width and tire size remain crucial for max turning angle.

Wielsturing 1

Wielsturing 2